Exhibition Contract


Please note…this is a sample of our contract. Terms may change based on condition and type of show, and yearly budget allotment.

This agreement is between__Brenau University Galleries____ (The Gallery/Sponsor) and ___________ (the Artist”) for the exhibition titled, _______________________________

(the “Exhibition”).

Whereas the Artist has created and owns the artwork(s) (the “Artwork”) listed in the attached List of Artwork and desires to exhibit the same; and whereas the Exhibition Sponsor desires to exhibit the Artwork in the Exhibition; the parties agree as follows:


  1. Exhibition Sponsor: Brenau University Galleries
  2. ExhibitionLocation:SellarsGallery
  3. Exhibition Title: _____________________________________
  4. Exhibition Dates:
    Work received date: Jan. 8th, 2024
    Opening date: Jan. 18th, 2024
    Closing date: March 14th, 2024 with option to extend up to two weeks.
    Exhibition Dates shall not be modified without prior written agreement of the Artist.

Traveling Exhibition Information:

  1. ExhibitionSponsor:_________________________
  2. Exhibition Location:_________________________
  3. Exhibition Title:_____________________________
  4. Exhibition Dates:
    Work received date:
    Opening date:
    Closing date:
    Exhibition Dates shall not be modified without prior written agreement of the Artist.

Please provide Name, Address, email and phone of traveling exhibit location, plus shipping address..

I. A. Exhibition Sponsor :
Name:______Brenau University Galleries______ Gena Robbins, Director of Galleries

Email: ___gallery@brenau.edu__phone: ____770-534-6181____

Physical Shipping Address:

Brenau University Galleries, Simmons Visual Art Center, 200 Boulevard, Gainesville, Ga,


I. B. Traveling Exhibiting Sponsor:

Name: ___________________________ Title________________________ Email___________________ Phone_______________________________ Physical Shipping Address:

  1. Artist: ___________Phone:_________________
    Artist address: _____________________________________
    City: _________________________ State ______ZIP__________ Email: _______________________
    Web Site:__________________ Social Media_____________________
  2. Artwork to be exhibited by the Artist is itemized in the List of Artwork attached. All Artwork shall be marked with the Artist’s name and numbered with a number corresponding to the itemized List of Artwork. A condition report for each item will be included in the shipping container. All wall mounted work, paintings and prints must be framed, wired or matted ready for installation. Objects, sculpture and jewelry must be ready for installation. Any special mounts or installation instructions should be put in writing and sent in advance to Brenau Galleries. It is the responsibility of the Artist to provide specific display materials, including illustrations, directions or pictures of the specific installation instructions.
  3. BrenauGalleriesshallinsuretheArtworkfromwhenartworkentersBrenau University Simmons Visual Art Center for its full wholesale price as the insurance value listed on the List of Artwork
  4. The Artwork cannot be substituted or withdrawn from the Exhibition during Exhibition dates, from opening to closing. Work cannot be withdrawn from the Exhibition until the close of the Exhibition without the approval of the Brenau University Galleries and the Artist.

A. Delivery of Artwork: Artwork will be delivered or shipped to the Exhibition as follows:

Receiving address _Brenau Galleries, Simmons Visual Arts Center_200_Boulevard, Gainesville, Ga 30501_
c/o of Gena Robbins, Director of Galleries via (shipping agent) (example USPS)_________________________________________________________________

to arrive between (dates) __ __ and ___ one week before the Exhibition Opening Date.

B. Shipping crates, boxes, and packing materials are there responsibility of the Artist. The shipping container, boxes and packing materials should be designed so that it can be reused for return shipping or next destination/exhibition location.






The Exhibition Sponsor is responsible for storing the original shipping crates, boxes, and materials for repacking the Artwork.

If the Artist or Gallery Director at Brenau has special packing and shipping requirements,

these should be communicated in writing sufficiently in advance.

C. Packing and shipping charges, shipping insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery and return of the Artwork, lodging, and travel expenses:

Subject to Change based on yearly budget/allotment and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Brenau Galleries will cover up to (a dollar amount) towards the cost of shipping. This amount is allotted for shipment costs of artwork to and from Brenau Galleries.

Brenau Galleries will give an honorarium of up to _(dollar amount)_

-Honorariums given are to off set the costs of Flight, Hotel, Meals, and Car rental or other chosen method of transportation to and from Brenau University.

Location of Artist _________________________ Total Amount Given to Artist for
Shipping, Travel Expenses_________________.

D. Return of Artwork At the conclusion of the Exhibition, Artwork will be repacked in the original packing materials and shipped no later than (date)___ to the Artist address specified in Section 1,F. above or the next destination id going to a traveling show location. If the Artist wants the Artwork to be shipped to any other location, then the Artist must provide the alternate address in writing to the Exhibition Sponsor before the closing date of the Exhibition and obtain the Exhibition Sponsor’s written confirmation that they have modified the return shipment address in their records.

If the Artwork is to be shipped to a third party (such as a buyer), then the third party’s designated address must be confirmed in writing with the Artist and the Exhibition Sponsor before the closing of the Exhibition.

If shipment of the Artwork to the Artist’s address (or an alternate address if agreed to by both the Artist and the Brenau University Galleries) fails to be delivered despite all reasonable efforts by Brenau University Galleries and no alternate address or instructions are provided by the Artist, then Brenau Galleries will place the Artwork in storage at the Artist’s risk and expense. If the Artist does not provide alternate instructions to the Brenau Galleries within one year after the Artwork is placed in storage, then Brenau Galleries may dispose of the Artwork in any manner at their sole discretion

including the sale of the Artwork and all proceeds, if any, shall be retained by Brenau University Galleries.

III.CONDITION REPORT A copy of the Conditions Report(s) attached and filled out by the Artist will accompany the Artwork when shipped from the Artist to the Exhibition. Brenau Galleries agrees to make an entry on the Condition Report for each Artwork upon arrival to and at the close of the Exhibition before the work is either returned or shipped to the next destination. If Exhibition Travels, each Exhibition Sponsor will check the Condition Report and note any changes as needed.

If, at any time, the condition of the Artwork differs from the condition reported by the Artist on the Condition Report, the Exhibition Sponsor will document the current condition of the Artwork and will notify the Artist of the change in condition immediately.

IV. INSURANCE Brenau Galleries shall insure the Artwork for the full wholesale price itemized on the List of Artwork that is agreed to by the Artist and the Exhibition Sponsor.

From the time that the Artwork arrives at the Exhibition, the duration of the exhibition and its return or  until the Artwork arrives to the alternate address/traveling exhibition location, agreed to, by both the Artist and Brenau Galleries.

The Artist certifies that the Artwork is in such condition as to withstand the ordinary stress and strains of packing, transportation, and display. The Artist shall be responsible for all repairs to Artwork necessitated by Artist’s faulty workmanship.

Any loss or damage that occurs on the Exhibition premises will be reported within one week of the occurrence to the Artist. A written description of the loss or damage, with photographs and a statement of how it occurred must be sent by the Brenau Galleries to the Artist by mail.

Artist should have control over any repairs. No alteration, repair or restoration of the Artwork may be undertaken without written authorization from the Artist. If restoration is suggested by the Exhibition Sponsor, the Artist shall have veto power over selection of the restorer or may choose to repair the work themselves. Brenau Galleries shall be fully responsible for compensating the Artist at a reasonable hourly shop rate and for related materials and expenses. In the event of loss or damage that cannot be restored, the Exhibition Sponsor shall pay to Artist the same amount as if the Artwork had been sold at the (check one) wholesale price itemized on the List of Artwork (attached). In case of loss, the Artist will furnish proof of previous sales of similar works to document the value placed on the Artwork in the Exhibition.

In the event that an insurance claim is filed, the Exhibition Sponsor shall pay all deductibles.

When the Artwork is returned to the Artist, a copy of the Condition Report will be included in the shipping box. Upon delivery to the Artist, the Artist shall sign the LOAN RETURN section (at the bottom of the Condition Report) and mail it to the Exhibition Sponsor within thirty (30)

days; otherwise the Exhibition Sponsor will consider that the condition of the Artwork is acceptable to the Artist and that the Artist has no claims for loss or damage.


Image Size

All images must be digital and at 300dpi or image size should be 13” x 10″ if shot on your phone unless larger images are requested from Brenau Galleries

Image Files MUST be labeled (f contained in the file name) in the following manner regardless of media.
Artists Name (last name first) Title of Artwork, dimensions in inches, Date Year Completed, Retail Price

Advance Publicity
The Artist shall provide at least one professional quality photographic image:
four months prior to opening of the show for advance publicity AND/OR in advance of the Exhibition opening date for the annual catalog.

The Artist shall provide professional quality images (check all that apply) of each Artwork in the Exhibition two weeks before the Exhibition opening as Digital JPG files

Brenau Galleries may photograph work in the Exhibition for the catalog, education, publicity, social media, website, or display purposes or to report damage or other such findings to the Artist immediately.

CATALOG (if applicable): Brenau Galleries requires professional quality photographs of the Artwork to be included in the annual catalog to arrive by __Jan 8th, 2024__. Failure to arrive by this date relieves any obligation of Brenau Galleries to include images of the Artwork in the catalog or any other material.

Visitors will be prohibited from photographing the Artwork while on exhibit at the Exhibition.

VI. REPRODUCTION The Artist reserves all copyrights to the reproduction of the Artwork except as agreed to in writing. The Brenau Galleries may arrange to have the Artwork photographed to publicize and promote the Artwork through means to be agreed by both parties. In every such use, the Artist shall be acknowledged as the creator and copyright owner of the Artwork.

VII. PROMOTION The Brenau Galleries shall use its best efforts to promote and display the Artwork in an appropriate and professional manner. The Brenau Galleries shall clearly identify the Artist’s name with all Artwork and shall include the Artist’s name on all publicity images and text for any Artwork exhibited.

Announcements The Exhibition Sponsor will email exhibition announcements to the Artist

The Artist will receive 50 postcards to mail or distribute at their discretion.

Publicity Brenau University Galleries will publicize the event in the following manner: __________________________________________________________________________ If the Artist would like a press release sent to local newspapers or magazines the Artist will provide to Brenau Galleries a contact name, address and email address four months prior to the Exhibition opening.

Artist will provide photographic materials as stated above in Section V. PHOTOGRAPHY. Ninety (90) days prior to the opening of the Exhibition. Artist will provide a digital copy of the following materials:

One page resume, One paragraph biography
Description of the Artist’s work to be included in the Exhibition Images of at least one work planned for the Exhibition

In addition, any previous articles or publicity about the artwork or similar artwork would be helpful to Brenau Galleries in developing press materials for the media and for potential collectors.

30 days prior to the opening of the Exhibition or earlier, Artist will provide information for labeling each Artwork to be included in the Exhibition including: Artist’s name, Title of Artwork, Year created, Medium, Dimensions: height x width x depth and any description or explanation to be included on the label. (See List of Artwork at the bottom of contract)

Artwork will be displayed in a secure environment.
Staff will monitor the exhibition space at all times.
All visitors will be prohibited from touching the Artwork.
No photography will be allowed of the artwork by visitors of the Exhibition.

Place X in BOXES BELOW/TO THE RIGHT for specific exhibition display requirements:

Artwork will be displayed inside in a climate-controlled environment.


IX. SALE OF ARTWORK: A price list will be (check one) available and a numbering system will be used ❑ Artwork labels will be placed next to the work with the price of the work, dimensions, etc. during the Exhibition.

All proceeds and responsibilities for payment will be the following:

Brenau Galleries takes 30% commission, artist will be paid 30 days after the close of the exhibition. Artwork stays on the wall until the closing date of the exhibition.

CHECK the Best Option Below concerning sold artwork and traveling exhibitions

□ Artist will be having traveling exhibition and will replace the sold work with another piece to go in the show of the exhibition’s next destination

□ Artist will be having a traveling exhibition, any sold work must be shipped to its next show destination before being shipped to the buyer.

Artist must take in consideration shipping costs before establishing the retail price.

Please check any of the following as an appropriate method for contacting the Artist:

□ The Artist’s telephone number: __________________________________________

□ The Artist’s e-mail address: _____________________________________________

□ The Artist’s complete address: __________________________________________

□ The Artist’s web site: _________________________________________________


Brenau Galleries shall take all reasonable steps to assure that the Artist’s copyright for Artwork is protected.


The term of this contract is from month, __ day, __year___
The Artist will not ask for return of the Artwork prior to the Exhibition closing date unless the Brenau Galleries breaches this contract (in which case Artist shall mail a termination notice to Brenau Galleries).

Within thirty days after delivery of the termination notice, all amounts due to either party shall be settled and all Artwork shall be returned to the Artist at Brenau Galleries expense.

This contract shall expire ninety (90) days after the return delivery of the Artwork to the Artist. However, any claims against Brenau Galleries for restoration or repairs shall survive until cured and any claims against the Artist for sales commissions shall survive until settled.

**Sales of Artwork included in the Exhibition and sold within three months after the closing date of the Exhibition (or the final location in a traveling Exhibition) shall be considered subject to this contract if the Collector found out about the Artwork through the Exhibition or publicity efforts of the Brenau Galleries. In this circumstance.  Brenau Galleries shall receive a 30 percent commission that Brenau Galleries would have received during the Exhibition.

XII.MISCELLANEOUS All modifications, deletions or additions to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties and attached to this document. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto.

XIII.GOVERNING LAW This agreement shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of the State of __Georgia__.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties agree as of the date below. ARTIST
Artist: Name_ _____________________________(print)

Signature: _______________________________________________

Date: __________________________

Company Name (if any):
Title _ _ _____________Date_______________________

EXHIBITION SPONSOR, Brenau Galleries, Gena Robbins

Signature __________________________________________________________

Date: ______________

itle __Director of Galleries___

Exhibition Sponsor: ___Gena Brodie Robbins_____ Date_______________________




Artist Name_ _______________________________________

Address_ _ ________________________________________________City __ ____________ Phone_ ____________ Email________________

Website, Social Media_____________________________

Item number: (start with #1 if you are sending more than one artwork to the exhibition, and adjust or eliminate information line if it does not apply)

Title: ____________________________________________________________

Year: ______Insurance Value:______________ Retail Price:________________

Materials: Wholesale Price:_________________

Dimensions (ht x w x d):
Display dimensions (ht x w x d): Dimensions of sculpture with base or display that is an essential component for proper or correct display.

Piece Number: Edition Number:

Credit line for exhibition label: Exact form of the Artist name or credit to appear for catalog, exhibition labels and publicity. (Check one.)
❑Courtesy of the Artist
❑Courtesy of ___________________________ Gallery

❑Represented by ________________________Gallery Description of Work:


Photo Credit:

Return Shipping Method:

Duplicate the information in this box for each piece in the exhibition.

Artist should list both the wholesale and retail price for the convenience of the Director of Brenau Galleries for insurance purposes and to avoid any misunderstandings.