Brenau’s Fashion Department Presents: A walk-In through Princess Shirazi’s Closet – A Historic Clothing Collection Exhibition

Come join the Brenau Center for the Arts – Fashion Program, as they unveil the magnificent collection of Princess Lucie Jadot Shirazi from the Historic Fashion Collection.

Brenau acquired her collection in 1996 after her demise in 1994.

Princess Lucie Jadot Shiraz was married to one of the sons of the Shah of Iran, and was known for her philanthropic work as one of the founders of the World Wildlife Fund. She was also an enthusiastic patron of all things Art & Design, and was notably captivated by Metropolitan Opera and Polonaise Ball, serving as a chairwoman of the Polonaise Ball

In addition to highlighting the exquisite ensembles of the Shirazi Collection at Brenau University, the exhibit is a great resource for our fashion students, including our costume and art students. To be able to view some of these pieces – see how they were constructed, and gain insight of the actual silhouettes, is experiential learning at its best!

Artist talk will be on March 14 at 6 p.m. with a dessert reception from 5:30 – 7 p.m.

Gallery Location: Presidents Gallery, Second Floor of the Simmons Visual Arts Center, Brenau University

200 Boulevard, Gainesville Ga.\



This exhibit was developed and promoted by the College of Art and Design Department and curated by Dr. Priya Pandy