Brenau’s Director of Galleries and Curator of Permanent Art Collections, Gena Brodie Robbins Talks on NPR, WABE with Lois Reitzes’ City Lights Radio Show

Brenau University Director of Galleries, Gena Brodie Robbins talks with Lois Reitzes on WABE/NPR’s City Lights discussing Brenau’s extensive and impressive permanent art collection. Robbins reveals the very beginnings of the collection, sharing how Brenau acquired its very first pieces and the integral connection between Dr. John S. Burd, Brenau’s 8th President, and the famed N.Y. art dealer, collector, and agent responsible for helping Dr. Burd develop Brenau’s world-class permanent art collection.

Robbins also shared with Lois about the current exhibitions on view at Brenau Galleries and its partnership with the High Museum as well as its outreach program, Free Art Friday.

To listen to the City Lights segment with Lois Reitzes, tune in to WABE 90.1 at 11 AM and 8 PM on Feb. 20th, or go online to to listen online.