Vermont Snow

Vermont Snow- Ahl, Henry Hammond

The Old Farm

The Old Farm- Ahl, Elanor Curtis

Fall Landscape

Fall Landscape- Bluemner, Oscar

Street Market

Street Market- Abramovitz, Albert

Nude Study

Nude Study- Abramovitz, Albert


Nude - Ambramovitz , Albert

Village Street

Village Street - Lie, Jonas

Jonas Lie was an extremely popular, award-winning American artist best known for his technically rigorous paintings of scenery.  The calm placidity of his Village Street belies his reputation as a fiery-tempered president of the National Academy of Design… Read More

The Artist Wife

The Artist Wife - Charles Shepard Chapmana

Chapman’s highly colorful The Artist Wife depicts the confident Saturday Evening Post illustrator Neysa Moran McMein in the studio, wearing a printed robe and clasping a handful of brushes. Chapman earned his living by teaching art at the… Read More

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady - David Burliuk

Known as the “Father of Russian Futurism,” David Burliuk studied at Russian art schools in Kazan and Odessa, and the academy at Munich, where he became an associate of Wassily Kadinsky.  He participated in many Russian and European… Read More