Shoe and Hand

Quaver I

Mildred Thompson is an American artist who explored various genres of artmaking throughout her career spanning over four decades. Thompson was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1936. She began her formal training in art in 1956 at Howard… Read More

Happy Shack

Beverly Buchanan was a southern woman to her core: vibrant and welcoming. She was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, but left the South for a time to pursue a degree in health education in the 1960s. She took… Read More

Serpents II

Untitled (Puppy)


Needlework- Whistler, James McNeill

Die Fahne Hoch!

Die Fahne Hoch- Stella, Frank


Tires- Ruscha, Edward


Upholstery- Ruscha, Edward

Tool & Die

Tool and Die- Ruscha, Edward