Below is an example of what may be in a contract between Brenau Galleries and Artist.

Commission on sales of artwork: Brenau University Galleries takes a 30 % commission of work that is sold during the exhibition.

Allotted Budget for Solo Exhibitions:

Artists will be awarded a monetary amount to offset Shipment of Artwork costs, Travel Expenses and accommodations, meals, etc.

Each artist’s travel distance and length of stay are reviewed, and funding is given on a case-by-case basis.

Exhibition Length:  Exhibits may be up to two to even three months in length and are open to the public M – TH  from 10 – 4 PM.

Online Exhibition Information:  Your exhibition details will remain listed on Brenau Galleries website indefinitely.

Exhibition Promotional Postcards: Brenau Galleries uses print material such as postcards as a means of promotion in the days and weeks leading up to your exhibition as well as during the exhibition. We are happy to work with the artist to create a design or we can create something from scratch on our own.

Vinyl Exhibition Title Lettering:  Brenau University Galleries will work with the exhibitor to determine the title of the exhibition which will then be printed in custom vinyl lettering to be adhered to the entry area of the exhibit. Some size/length restrictions may apply because of space limitations.

Mounted Artists Statement: Brenau Galleries will work with the exhibitor to draft an artist’s statement and short bio to be printed and mounted on the wall during the exhibition.

Press Release: Brenau Galleries will be responsible for mailing press releases to local and regional newspapers, magazines, and other publications before the opening of the exhibition.

Reception Refreshments:  Brenau Galleries will provide an assortment of refreshments for the opening reception which takes place usually on a Thursday evening from 5:30 – 7 PM

The artist is required to give a short artist talk during the opening.

The exhibiting artist will provide Brenau Galleries with the following:

Exhibition PR
• Show Title
• Description of work or artist statement
• Brief artist bio
• Image(s) – We will be seeking approximately 8-10 jpg’s to be emailed to gallery @ Brenau.edu to be used online as well as for general promotional purposes.

  • Artwork information
    • Brenau Galleries is willing to consider all types of hanging/framing styles – though these details must be approved by the Gallery Director, Gena Robbins before the exhibition. Work must arrive “ready to hang” unless other arrangements have been made.
    • List with print titles, mediums, and prices for each exhibited work must be given at least one month before the opening of the exhibition.
  • Work must be received 7 days before the opening of the exhibition.
    • Exhibitors will work with Brenau Galleries to determine the layout of the exhibition (if desired) though installation with be performed by Brenau Galleries.

Exhibiting Artist Talk
We strongly encourage artists whose work is featured in an exhibition to present a talk/discussion about their work. This may be any type of presentation such as a PowerPoint, a technical demonstration, or an informal discussion. Contact us with your ideas.

Donating Artwork to Brenau Galleries
We encourage exhibiting Artists to donate artwork to Brenau Galleries as in-kind tax-deductible gifts.  If you would like to donate any of your work to Brenau Galleries, please contact our Director, Gena Brodie Robbins at 770-534-6181 or gallery@brenau,edu