Vermont Snow

Vermont Snow- Ahl, Henry Hammond

Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait of a Young Woman - Duveneck, Frank

Frank Duveneck was born in Kentucky, the son of German immigrants.  After his employment with decorator Wilhelm Lamprecht in Cincinnati, Duveneck went to Munich to study church decoration.  He instead became interested in easel painting and enrolled in… Read More

Still Life

Still Life - William Merritt Chase

William Merritt Chase championed the formation of distinctly realistic American art as well as the teaching of it.  Known as an enthusiastic and energetic instructor, Chase taught many future artists such as Edward Hopper, Joseph Stella, Charles Demuth… Read More

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady - David Burliuk

Known as the “Father of Russian Futurism,” David Burliuk studied at Russian art schools in Kazan and Odessa, and the academy at Munich, where he became an associate of Wassily Kadinsky.  He participated in many Russian and European… Read More