Mt. Chocorua - Gifford, Sandford Robinson

Mt. Chocorua

c. 1850

Sanford Robinson Gifford, a member of the Hudson River School of landscape painting of the 19th century, is  characterized as a Luminist painter. He was most concerned with the effects of atmospheric light in his paintings, which were mostly of scenery of the northeast.  He held his studio in New York during the 1860s in the famed 10th St. Studio Building. He painted scenery in the White Mountain range of New Hampshire – a very popular area for landscape artists then as well as now.  Gifford’s painting of the distinctively shaped Mt. Chocorua retains his characteristic ‘salmony’ pink light of evening as well as a horizontal, oval-shaped composition that includes the traditional layout of a flattened foreground with rising middle-ground and elevated background.