Paul Paiement to Exhibit Works in Solo Show at Sellars Gallery in January

Award winning Los Angeles Artist, Paul Paiement, will be coming to Brenau University to exhibit his contemporary multi-media and installation works Jan. 18th – March 14th, 2023 in Sellars Gallery at Simmons Visual Arts Center. He will also give an artist talk to the public during the opening reception discussing his concepts and studio processes.

An artist reception and artist talk will be held Jan. 18th @ 6 PM during the opening reception at Sellars Gallery.

Free and Open to the Public

Show Dates: Jan. 18th – March 14th, 2024

Opening Reception: Jan. 18th, 5:30 – 7 PM

Artist Talk: Jan. 18th, 6 PM

Paul Paiement’s paintings attempt to reconcile the differences between inorganic, synthetic elements of culture with the organic elements of the natural world through the visual languages of linear/atmospheric perspective, representation/abstraction, and the use of layering.

Paiement chooses to paint landscapes that lack any specific identity or location. He uses atmospheric perspective to create a naturalistic scene that is vast and infinite. The airbrushed plexi-glass overlays are flattened architectural drawings and though flat, they are rendered using perspective techniques that create a geometric abstraction that contrasts with the detailed representation in the landscape.

Paiement is also known for his Hybrid Series of installations and ceramic works His series of “Hybrids” transforms everyday electronic gadgets to resemble various insect forms, classically rendering the insects in egg tempera.

Electronic overlays depicted by a series of dots created with wooden dowels, are a reference to the halftone screens of vintage ads and the digital pixels of modern photography.

Paul Paiement was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). He attended graduate school at the University of Southern California (USC) and has shown throughout Asia, Europe and the United States in both solo and group shows. His solo exhibitions include the Laguna Art Museum (Laguna Beach, California), Palazzo del Bargello (Gubbio, Italy), and Carrousel du Louvre, The Louvre (Paris, France) to name a few. Paiement is a tenured professor (painting/drawing) at Cypress College.

Watch the video on the life of Paul Paiement below published by Twin Cities PBS.

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