Brenau University Galleries Launches FREE ART FRIDAYS, giving away artwork created by local artists, creative alumni, staff, faculty and students to anyone finding the artwork placed around campus

CALLING ALL CREATIVES: Local Gainesville and surrounding artists, Brenau Alumni, Staff, Faculty and Students….
Bring your small artwork(s), under 12 inches, to Sellars Gallery, M-F 1-4 PM. Sellars Gallery is located on the first floor of Simmons Visual Arts Center, building with marble steps and two bronze sculptures on each side. 200 Blvd. Gainesville Ga. 30501.

Join the Free Art Movement at Brenau and share your love for art with others throughout our historic and downtown campuses. Make sure to add your name and website to the back of your art so others can follow you.
Our goal is to connect others through the act of giving and sharing a love for art
through an exciting movement called Free Art Friday!
Freshmen, Caroline Rideout and Amari King paint small canvases and wooden sculptures to be placed throughout the grounds of Brenau’s campuses to be discovered and kept during Free Art Friday. 
This exciting Free Art Friday movement will:
-allow art to be available to those who would maybe not own an original piece of art.
– bring a wonderful surprise and a smile to anyone who discovers art while also giving it a new home.
-connect students, faculty, alumni, staff, local artists and the community and to each other through the act of giving and receiving free art.
-allow creatives to make stress free art for simply the enjoyment of giving.


Are you a student or staff member wanting to create art with others here at Brenau?  Join us on Wednesdays from 4-5:30 to create artwork for Free Art Fridays!
Those who find the art are asked to please tag @brenaugalleries and message us to receive a cup of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee and a gallery tour of any exhibition on view.
Message Us to learn more and Visit Brenau Galleries @
Contact: Gena Robbins at